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Since many of us don’t have the mathematical mind that neatly crunches numbers and purrs through columns of data, we should thank the good people of who will do it for us.

Mint is a personal money-managing Web site that’s growing in popularity (it won the Top Pick from Money Magazine), and here are some reasons to love it:

Simplicity and clarity are Mint’s watchwords. The service compiles all your financial information (credit, bank accounts, assets, loans, etc.) and breaks down your spending into easy-to-understand pie charts and bar graphs, so you can identify trends and nip bad habits (like overspending on Starbucks) in the bud. It also offers alerts on impending due dates or balances that are in danger of overdraft.

A non-threatening palette of pastels and clever mint-sprig logo create a less intimidating environment than many competing online money managers such as Quicken Online. The right interface makes this online chore a more enjoyable experience.

Finances are fun on Mint; compare yourself to the average national spender to see who splurges more in specific categories like “Alcohol & Bars” or “Health & Fitness.” Analyze your spending by account or category. Set budgets for yourself. Get mobile delivery of your reports.

The Best Part
All the services Mint offers are free. Now that’s refreshing.

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