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Meditate the Stress Away
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Tina Turner does it. So does Paul McCartney. You should meditate, too. Not because of celebrity endorsements, but because it takes you from stressed to calm in a matter of moments.

So sit down, and close your eyes. Breathe deep and relax. Then follow these expert tips to learn how to chill out and find your way to nirvana.

Choose the Right Technique

It’s important to choose the best meditation technique for you. From yoga to breathing exercises, from Christianity to Buddhism, there are countless meditation methods in the world today, says Nancy Liebler, Ph.D., psychotherapist and co-author of the book Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way: Creating Happiness with Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. For beginners, Liebler strongly recommends the Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple 20-minute process of sitting comfortably with eyes closed twice daily. According to its official Web site this method is easy to learn and immediately reduces stress.

A Daily Dose
Creating a ritual is the key to successful relaxation. “The fact that you have a practice, a daily spiritual or meditative practice, in itself may be healing,” says Maura Haranhan, author of the recently released book Spirit & Dust: Meditations for Women with Depression. Darrin Zeer, a professional relaxation consultant, says incorporating meditation into your daily regimen – either during your lunch break at work or your bathtub at night — will help you de-stress throughout the day.

You Time
No matter what method you follow, the ultimate goal is to relieve stress and seek a balanced mental state. “I always tell women to surround themselves with people who will support them,” says Haranhan. “Many of us are not good at this as we are so other-centered.” Be easy on yourself. Pencil in time just for you, whether it’s relaxing in a bubble bath or checking out a new museum. Try something that appeals to you for a couple of days and think no further than that, suggests Haranhan.


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