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Chugging coffee may help you function after sleepless nights, but new research shows that nothing can replace the health benefits of a good night’s rest. Sleep plays an essential role in our health, by improving cognitive performance, lowering the release of stress hormones, and strengthening your memory. Lack of sleep has also been linked to weight gain. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body creates hormones that increase your appetite.

And unfortunately, middle-aged women have a harder time getting enough shut-eye because of hormones and stress. More than 90 percent of women going through early menopause report they have difficulty sleeping, according to WebMD. Here are suggestions for products that may help lull you to sleep and improve your overall health. 

Sunrise Dawn Sun Simulator Alarm Clck MP3photo courtesy of


White Bed Lamp With Dimmer Control

It’s nice to snuggle up with a book in bed but bothersome if the light is blinding or too dim. With this lamp, you can adjust the brightness so your eyes can rest easily. $19.56

Sunrise Dawn Sun Simulator Alarm Clock MP3
Instead of waking to the blaring beeps of your alarm clock, rouse to your own specialized playlist. This clock has a built-in MP3 player and a lamp that simulates a natural sunrise.
You’ll sleep more soundly knowing that you’ll wake up to your favorite song and a gentle light. $169.95

Sleeping Aid Dreamate Acupressure Band
This sleep aid uses an acupuncture technique that massages the sensitive spots on your inner wrists to induce relaxation, naturally helping you to avoid waking up in the middle of the night. $68.98

Snore Stopper
Before you kick your partner to the couch, consider your options. This device uses safe electronic signals to train your body to stop snoring. $50.25

Musical Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Whether you’re at home or traveling, this pillow helps you relax with its memory foam that conforms to your neck. It also contains small speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes at the same time. $40

NightWave Blue Sleep Assistant for Insomnia
Can’t sleep at night? This device projects a soft, blue light wave that helps you adjust your breathing to the rise and fall of the light, sending you into a more peaceful slumber. $69.95

The Glo Pillow
Most of us jerk awake to the blaring sound of an alarm clock. What if, instead, you could wake to a soft, gradual light? The Glo Pillow, a product in development, would do just that. About 40 minutes before your alarm sounds, the pillow starts glowing, gradually brightening to simulate a natural sunrise. With this invention, you’ll be able to sleep and wake more peacefully. Not yet for sale, click for more info.

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