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Don’t ignore the Web as a tool for dealing with divorce.
This is your one-stop shop for resources selected by the Untied Web team that will no doubt come in handy. There is legal help for those still embroiled in final formalities, financial, and job search sites for those looking to start afresh, and other places on the Web that offer benefits similar to
law resources
Woman’s Divorce
This Web site offers a state-by-state breakdown of everything related to divorce, custody laws, and divorce lawyer listings. It also offers a practicing divorce attorney walks you through the divorce process and tells you how to protect your assets.

Legal Zoom
You can find all the forms you need to file for an uncontested divorce.

The Divorce Organizer and Planner
This book teaches you how to stay organized during a divorce.

Divorce Support
Offers an Ask A Divorced Woman column that covers any subject ranging from tax exemptions to custody laws.

Find Law 
This Web site has a forum where you can post your legal questions or talk with people going through the same stuff as you.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards helps you select a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to answer divorce-related personal finance questions and other concerns.

The Financial Planning Association provides consumers with references to planning professionals.
(800) 322-4237

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) answer questions about the financial aspects of divorce settlements before they’re signed and other issues of post-divorce finances. Find a CDFA state-by-state list at the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts’ website.
(800) 875-1760

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has free publications on divorce issues that influence your taxes, but, as always, consulting a trained, qualified professional is the best source of advice for your individual situation.

The U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) provides a comprehensive list of links to reputable financial-education resources.

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education provides financial education for financial independence.
(760) 736-1660

career resources
Apart from letting you browse jobs by industry, state, posting date, education and career levels, and your job experience, Monster also offers invaluable career building tools. Their career-mapping tool, for example, lets you figure out your options in different positions.

Careerbuilder lets you set up job alerts and even has a job seeker’s blog. (Check out the post about LaidOffCamp).
A little less fancy than the rest, distributes complimentary magazines and offers a career information library that tracks industry trends.

It’s known for more than just weird personals — Craigslist also boasts expansive local job listings.

Indeed answers the two most basic questions: where and what. The results tell you all you need to know about the jobs in the industry, the salaries and the trends and offers forums to chat with like-minded souls.
Indeed 2.0 Simplyhired is similar to job searching site, but this site allows five free resume postings on other sites.

Employment guide
If you entry or mid-level opportunities, Employment Guide has plenty to offer.

Net temps
This site is for all your temp and contract needs. It also helps you find a staffing agency, who can help you find a job.

Yahoo HotJobs
Its association with big player Yahoo makes HotJobs one of the most popular job search sites on the Internet.

A Facebook for professionals, this site is a social networking site that actually does what it is supposed to do: “networking.”

other resources
Divorce and Women
Despite the tacky design, this site is a good resource for mostly legal help. It has some of the most comprehensive legal contact lists and resources, including a handy state-wise child support calculator.

Divorce Magazine
 An online-only publication providing “help for generation ‘ex’ ” with resources for divorce and separation related issues from parenting and family law broken down state-by-state.

Divorce Net
Run by lawyers, Divorce Net provides articles on state laws, links to support groups, and a nationwide list of divorce attorneys and mediators.

Divorce Online
Daily updates and original articles on all things divorce including developments in financial, legal, and other aspects of divorce.

Divorce 360
Divorce 360 does everything that basic divorce-advisory sites do, for both men and women this time. There’s advice for all aspects of a divorce — legal, financial, emotional as well as children. And as opposed to most divorce sites, Divorce 360 also gives you advice that may help you save your marriage.

Ex in the City
A site that helps divorced women get their groove back with the tag line “Empowering Women to Move from ‘EX’ to Extraordinary!”

First Wives World
A great support group for divorced women, First Wives World includes a social network, along with expert help and witty blogs that tackle the tough stuff related to divorce with an experienced eye and a sense of humor.

Though not specifically for divorced women, iVillage has everything that a woman needs, has needed and will ever need — married or separated. It covers the usual stuff, such as parenting home, food, diet etc. and has great extras, such as its “go green” section and the nifty coupons you can print free of charge.

Love to Know
An across-the-board site providing resources for the divorced and the soon-to-be divorcee provides advice on divorce law, child support, and other critical issues women face going through while ending a marriage.

Medline Plus
The federal government’s National Institutes of Health’s site offers links to resources and advice from medical professionals, psychologists, and researchers on how you and your children can cope with the stress of divorce.

Moan about Men
Not similar to our site, but still a ton of fun — what woman wouldn’t want to moan about men? Don’t expect advice, but expect to find women going through the same man problems as you are, and if you want to vent, joint their forum, chatroom or groups. Warning: this site is virulently pink.

The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide
Blog posts and weekly Q&A sessions by attorneys and legal writers.

Sassy Pink Peppers
A support group for divorced women offering connections to other women and their stories of how they took back control over every aspect of their lives.
This self-improvement site provides a comprehensive information on career advice, love and relationships, health and fitness and spirituality.

Woman’s Divorce
A comprehensive list of advice and resources for woman who want to take control of the financial, legal, and emotional aspects of their divorce.

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