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Sex shops need not be a purely male domain — not when women are looking to satiate their own needs. Acknowledging this phenomenon, Zack Hemenway, manager of the sex store Pleasure Chest in Manhattan, says sex shops have started shedding dodgy décor and opted for more a more female-friendly boutique feel.

For those divorcees looking to “fill the void,” our sexpert friends assure us that post-divorce exploration is worthwhile and can help women understand their own bodies, turn-ons, and turn-offs. This is especially meaningful for newly single women looking to get out of a sexual rut or in need of some severe sensual rediscovery.

Traveling sex educator Midori reminds us that men may come and go, but you’ve got your girl all your life, so “treat her well, feed her well.” Heed her advice, because masturbation can be good for your health. Self-lovin’ can help prevent cervical infection, alleviate insomnia, relieve stress, and strengthen our relationships with ourselves, according to

And let’s not forget that it just feels good.

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filling the void
Take a time out and focus on you. A professional sex educator explains how to explore your sexuality on your own and be the better for it.
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