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Best Served Vicariously
revengephoto courtesy of iStock/Robert Koopmans
We don’t encourage man-maiming (or pig decapitation), but we do enjoy offbeat tales. Check out these three great moments in getting even, courtesy of Revenge Lady.

With a bad divorce behind her, one woman took the Don Corleone approach. She bought a severed pig’s head to put in her fanatically vegetarian ex-husband’s refrigerator. At least she spared his sheets.

Sometimes, living well is simply the best revenge. After getting a vicious, hurtful letter from her ex, one woman decided to get back at him without stooping to his level. Before the breakup, he’d given her some money. Since he was both a virulent homophobe and an insensitive clod, she donated his cash to a gay rights organization.

After discovering the address of her ex-husband’s mistress, one woman decided to test the old adage “love is blind,” by scattering his belongings across her front lawn, including his vasectomy certificate, athlete’s foot cream, verruca ointment, and nasal hair trimmer.

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