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Forget blasé birthday parties and agonizing holiday get-togethers. Throw yourself a breakup bash – the new black in party planning.

These parties do more than provide a few laughs. “We don’t see divorce parties as frivolous. We see them as more serious, as helping people through a difficult time,” says Christine Gallagher, author of The Divorce Party Planner.

So if you have the itch to send out those divorce-party invites, follow these instructions on everything from breakup décor to party games and etiquette. 

Party Planners
For a more serious and commemorative divorce celebration, the Celebrant USA Foundation will set you up with a personalized party planner.

If you don’t want to pay through the nose for a professional planner, pick up Gallagher’s uber-helpful breakup party guide, and she’ll walk you through the essentials of a successful soirée.

Looking for something more risqué? Whisk off to a decadent city such as Las Vegas. There you’ll find divorce packages aplenty to entertain you and your girlfriends.

Games & Décor
Spice up your party with a clever theme. “The theme should reflect what the person needs,” Gallagher says. “If a person needs something fun and outrageous, go for it. If they need something serious and subdued, that’s fine, too.” Decorate your tables with sarcastic “full of crap” napkins and the Rat’s Ass Porcelain Plate Set and serve Survival Chocolate bars.

Get rid of all that wedding paraphernalia buried in your closet. Torn up marriage licenses make great confetti. And Jill Testa, creator and founder of the Wedding Ring Coffin, offers mini wooden caskets to bury your wedding ring in, as well as ring coffin themed party invitations.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too         
Ask your local baker to whip up a broken-heart cake or opt for “paint the town red velvet” cupcakes. Or go with a not-quite-white wedding cake with a solo bride atop and a banged-up groom lying at the bottom.
Parting Gifts
If your spouse left you with no furniture, now’s the chance to ask for some much-needed appliances and furnishings. To avoid getting useless clutter, divorcees can register at their favorite shops.

If you need a gift for a friend going through a divorce, check out for fun breakup care packages that include divorce martini and wine glasses, and go to for undies bearing messages such as “You Cheated, You Lied, Now See My Backside” or “I’m Taking Half.”

Divorce Party Don’ts

  • Don’t invite your children or any friends you shared with your ex. Only ask those diehard members of Team You.
  • Even if attractive gentlemen come to the party, resist flirtation. You’re celebrating your return to single life, not looking for a rebound.
  • Limit the time you spend ex-bashing. You loved the poor bloke at some point. And after all, this party is about you, not him.
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