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What not to do in your bedroom
Your ex is history. Now you need to reclaim the heart of the new you: the bedroom. It says a lot about a woman, and your new décor possesses the power to put your new man to sleep beside you or send him packing. Take your reinvention cues from one of our readers.
Gloria Steinem Has a Husband
We get it. You support the sisterhood. Your new fellah likely supports the sisterhood. But a stack of feminist tomes on your nightstand sends signals of hairy armpits, Birkenstocks, and lackluster undergarments. A simple novel about things other than broken hearts will do.
Just Say No, Princess in the Pea
If your bed requires a pole vault and looks like a prop from Gone With the Wind, changes need to be made. Trade your 36 inch-high antique brass bed in for a standard 25 inches. Most men respond to simple and modern. Check out Westelm for new bed ideas.
Pillows and Flowers and Ruffles, Oh My
Remove loud flowers, girly pillows, and layers of linens. Piling mounds of ruffles and floral extras or buying 12 metallic and wild-animal printed pillows will not only appear très déclassé, but will impede your ability to maneuver from standing to lying down comfortably.

Naked Kids, No Thanks
Framed reminders of your procreation need to be rooms away from where the magic happens. Leave your photos in your scrapbook or the family room.


Blinding Color Palettes
Lime green and other Skittles-inspired hues don’t, shall we say, scream sophistication. Try muted colors that convey warmth and character such as sand or a soft-butter shade.


Jesus Slept Here
Your life-size cross, Star of David, or Buddha may send religious signals your sweetheart may not want to receive. Decorate with smaller religious symbols or wear them as jewelry. Wrath of God? Probably not an aphrodisiac.

Need a bedroom makeover?
Send us a picture of your romance-killing room, and you could receive the visit of our designers.

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