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Love and Lust
sex toys

Squeals on Wheels

Gather your gal pals for a night of dirty jokes and naughty toys. It's not your mom's Tupperware party.

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Patti Novak Meet Your Maker
Matchmaking is a dirty job, but Patti Novak lives for it.
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Eat, drink, and be unmarried.
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revenge Best Served Vicariously
Savor these great moments in getting even.
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bedroom Bedroom No-Nos
Your bedroom says a lot about you. A makeover for your special space will help ignite the magic.
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sex toys Filling the Void
Masturbation. That’s right. It’s time to embrace it.
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Filling The Void

Sex experts discuss the benefits of solo sex after divorce and encourage divorcees to take time to figure out what pleases them.

Squeals on Wheels

Pleasure parties offer women an opportunity to laugh, chat, and purchase sensual products in a fun and informational setting.

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