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What is Envi?
We are a bi-monthly magazine that believes in a strong relationship between people and places. By exploring our region's people, places, wildlife, and history, Envi's scope includes community and conservation, energy and environment, and politics and business. From Rochester to Utica and Oswego to Ithaca, we cater to a region of New York with historical roots that link its people and communities to the environment.

As home to the Erie Canal, General Electric, IBM, and Kodak, upstate New York has long been a leader in technological innovation. Unfortunately, these technologies came with a cost, leaving many of our communities struggling with contaminated drinking water, polluted brownfields, and decaying urban centers.

But, with the rising excitement about new environmental technologies, these communities have begun the process of renewal by reconnecting to the environment and capitalizing on it in a way unlike our past. We are now making a commitment to living with the environment in a way that benefits human communities without degrading natural ones.

Fishing the lakes, farming the land, and hunting in the region's fields and forests, have long been a part of life in central New York. But today's concerns about habitat fragmentation, farm run-off polluting watersheds, and conservation rise from and affect our outdoor activities. With a unique connection to the land — we depend on our lakes for fresh water for agriculture, recreation, and drinking — we must balance our wants and needs with those of the environment.

Envi displays these connections between the region's human and natural communities. We reveal the historical links that have led to present environmental dilemmas. And we give New York's central region a local perspective on national and global trends by focusing on how environmental issues affect our area.

At the crux of community, history, and environment is Envi, putting the region's relationship to the land squarely in the spotlight and informing our readers on environmental issues as they pertain to this region.

Who is the founder?
Khris Dodson, editor and publisher of Envi, has lived in upstate New York for more than 10 years and has a broad background in environmental science, policy, ecology, and magazine journalism. Khris' firm understanding of the region's environmental, social, economic, and political issues equip and compel him to inform the public about the importance of these issues. His relationships with and understanding of local and regional agencies and organizations will make Envi the perfect vehicle to accurately explain and examine the state of our region's communities, both human and natural.


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