Who We Are
We are a lifestyle publication that gives voice to the emerging talents and trends innovating tomorrow by exploring the boundries beyond today. We embrace and aim to inspire free thinkers and motivate dreamers through the exposure of art, fashion, music, and culture that breaks through the confines of the mainstream.
About the MNO Capstone
At Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the capstone is the light at the end of the tunnel for the Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism graduate students. The students work on producing both a print and an online component of a magazine created in the spring semester. Elevator Magazine was voted on by students as well as faculty as the one to be brought to life during capstone.
Contact Elevator

Natalie Garza

Managing Editor
Cassie Mocyk

Senior Editors
Larissa Padden
Nichole Nichols
Christine Birmingham

Copy Chief
Megan Preston

Senior Copy Editor
Naomi Pearson

Art Directors
Francis Freel
Emily Oplio

Staff Writers
Kevin Almasy, Iesha Brown, Carrie Chantler, Christina Clarkson, Heidi Maines, Sam Mortazavi, Nichole Nichols, Larissa Padden, Shefali Pandey, Dayelin Roman, Candice Stewart, Evan Sweeney

Contributing Writers
M. René Arnold, Christine Birmingham, Dave Canfield, Michael Cree, Francis Freel, Trina Joshi, CJ Lin, Rohan Mascarenhas, Emily Opilo, Megan E. Preston, Yanira Rodriguez, Koren Temple, Brian Wright

Online Project Manager
Brian Wright

Assistant Project Manager
Rohan Mascarenhas

Website Coders/Designers
CJ Lin
Vannessa Maravilla
Shefali Pandey
Yanira Rodriguez

Web Editors
Dave Canfield
Heidi Maines
Dayelin Roman

Multimedia Department
M. Rene Arnold
Christina Clarkson
Trina Joshi

Web Art Director
Koren Temple

Faculty Advisors
Melissa Chessher
Doug Strahler

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